Hey Gang!

Lasting from Feb 3rd – March 3rd, we will be offering the following:

Special 1: Half-priced Court Hire ($50 per court, per hour  $25 per court, per hour) available Monday – Sunday, 9am – 9pm.

Special 2: 2 Free Social Games for Monday or Tuesday nights, no sign-ups, no lock-in, try it out now or miss out!

Special 3: Free court use every Tuesday at 7:30pm – 8:30pm from 6th – 27th of Feb, just rock-up, jump on and away you go!

On-going Special: Half priced Tuesday Social games for any players/teams who currently play Mondays, or new teams looking to play both nights, this offer will run indefinitely.

On-going Special 2: Any new teams who join either the Monday or Tuesday social competition who were recommended from a current player or team, that current player will earn 1 free game (worth minimum $54.00), for their respective team.

Get in now before you miss out!


Rebound Staff.