Rebound will be running a 1-day, 4-a-side cash tournament on the 5th of October 2019.


Division 1:
1st = $220 + 2 Free games on any of our Social Nights.
2nd$120 + 1 Free game on any of our Social Nights.

Division 2:

1st = $160 + 1 Free game on any of our Social Nights.

Venue: 6 Brough Street, Springvale, 3171 VIC.
Time: 9:00am start. 3:00pm finish (finishing time may vary).
Cost: $80 for the team (price may vary depending on number of teams).
Registration Closing date: 27th of September 2019.

You can register for the event by clicking on the link ‘here‘. Once sent to us, we will email/call you confirming we’ve received your registration. Once we’ve confirmed your registration, you must pay the team’s entry fee (before the 20th of September). When received, your team is locked in and ready to go. There will be NO refunds, so make sure your team is available for the date before registering.



Teams must have 4 players to qualify. All teams are allowed (but not required) to have 2 substitute players who may sub off at the conclusion of a set, but not during. The tournament is open, meaning you can have mixed gender teams if you choose.

Depending on the number of teams registered, divisions may have pools to keep the day and finishing time consistent with the finals.

The top 4 teams of each division will play off in a round robin at the end of the day, the top 2 of which will play in a Grand Final. If a division has been split up into pools, the top 4 performing teams overall amongst the pools will be chosen.



Games will be played as 1 set of 15 minutes. We will do a Rules Briefing at the beginning of the day, so everyone is on the same page.

Team captains will rock-off for serve. Points will be adjudicated by Service Point  (Meaning you will only score points on the rallies you win during your team’s serve).

Rules will be adjudicated as if you were playing outdoor beach rules, therefore spin on sets will be called as a foul. However, leniency will be increased for lower divisions.

Rebound rules will be in effect. If you have not played Rebound before, the added rules are:
– Balls may not hit any net during serve (including the middle net).
– Once the receiving team has touched the ball from a serve, ALL surrounding nets are in play, however, the ball may not hit the top net and go over at any stage; It can however hit your top net and be played if you have shots remaining.
– You must use at least 2 ball contacts to get the ball over when receiving serve.
– No kicking of the ball at any stage.



Rebound Staff.