1. Point system run down:

– Win = 4 points
– Draw = 2 points each
– Loss = 1 point
– For every lot of 10 points scored, your team receives an additional 1 bonus point (E.g. an 11 point set yields 1 bonus point, a 24 point set yields 2 bonus points and an 8 point set yields 0 bonus points)

In the event that two teams not in the same division face off, the higher division team can score up to a maximum of 15 total points whereas the lower division team scores to a minimum of 15 points (unless they score more).
In the event your team faces a fill-in team, your team will score 15 points by default (with no additional points granted).

2. Forfeit Policy:

We require a minimum 72 hours’ notice of team forfeiture, otherwise your team must pay their normal team fee for a late forfeit.
Note: If your team fails to show up for the game and does not supply any notice (on 2 or more occasions), your team will be removed from the competition (at our discretion).

3. Gender Ruling (Only applicable for Mixed Competitions):

A minimum of 2 females are required for your team to be viable for points.

4. Team Sign-On Sheet

All team members, including new players must be recorded on the team sign-on sheet, teams who make the finals must ensure each player that is fielding their side during the finals has played at least 5 games throughout the season.

5. Team Payments:

We do not accept individual payments, your team must pay the full team fee in one transaction (we can provide change of money if necessary). Teams should nominate one player to collect the team fee from their teammates. Then provide the payment at the counter.

6. Health and Safety:

For the safety of everyone at Rebound IBV, no glass bottles may be brought onto the premises. We advise that if you wish to bring drinks onto our premises, that they are canned or plastic bottles.

Note: Parents are responsible for their children if they wish to bring them to the centre, make sure someone is keeping an eye on them so they don’t cause themselves or anyone else any danger. For allergy and safety reasons, please refrain from bringing animals onto the premises.

Players who play at Rebound Indoor Beach Volleyball play at their own risk. We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur to you while you are at our premises.

7. Courtesy:

No food or drink should be brought onto the court at any time.
Thank you for adhering to our rules.


Rebound Management